The Politics of Hate

A Piercing Insight into American Politics

Hugo N. Gerstl

How obstructionists, media, and vested interests are making America a third world country and HOW WE CAN TURN IT AROUND America is being systematically destroyed - not by terrorists from without, but by vested interests from within! Politicians, talk show hosts, media moguls, and populist rabble rousers who seek to preserve their "territory" at any cost - by obstructing the passage of beneficial laws, by scandalous lies and accusations, by negative campaigning, and by gratuitous insults. These "saviors" pose absolutely no constructive ideas of their own to resolve the morass in which our country now finds itself. The politicians think no farther than getting themselves elected or re-elected. The lure of $100,000 in lecture fees is a powerful aphrodisiac. The lure of power, the is an even greater aphrodisiac. Politicians, fearmongers, "talking heads," and captains of industry revel in their fame, their glory, and their self-styled wisdom, when the country is in greater debt than any other nation in history, and that we are slipping faster and faster into becoming a third world nation each year. If the public starts putting two and two together and the answer should come out "four." But so far, the "average" American can still be led to believe that 2+2 equals whatever number the spin masters want to make it. What is even worse, more than 40% of Americans are buying into the politics of fear, dissension, and abuse without stopping for even a moment to consider exactly what these political hatemongers are offering in exchange for turning one faction out and securing the benefits of power for themselves. But regardless of political infighting or outfighting, what we are doing is akin to two fleas fighting over which one owns the dog. We seem not to realize that we have run out of time and money; that we no longer have the luxury of political gamesmanship and needless, stupid bickering. While this timely book points the finger at who's to blame, it goes one step further and tells how America, the most powerful nation on earth, can take back control of its destiny and cure its own disease! Hugo N. Gerstl, took his degree in Political Science and History at U.C.L.A., then went on to take his Juris Doctor at UCLA Law School. He turned down an invitation to run for Congress on the Republican ticket because his friend and fellow lawyer, Leon Panetta, was just finishing his first term in Congress. Gerstl has been a nationally known trial lawyer for 46 years and remains eternally optimistic about the resilience of the American people.

A könyv ára: 5000.-

ISBN: 978-1-888820-32-4
Oldalszám: 453
Méret: 229 x 152 mm
Tömeg: 733g
Kivitel: Puhatáblás
Kiadás ideje: 2012. szeptember 30.



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