Global conspiracy

David Shomron

Only a once wanted underground activist, who later operated as a senior Mossad agent, could have imagined this tantalizing plot. A group of European scientists and retired military personnel believe that Western democracies and the United Nations are incapable of facing aggressive dictatorships. None of the imposed “sanctions” seem to impress the tyrants. The group members are horrified with the notion of a devastating nuclear disaster in a matter of two or three years that would claim the lives of hundreds of millions. They decide to take preventive action and contend with this threat employing unusual and original methods, without the use of force or violence, propaganda or incitement, and yet with no less effective results. The group’s leader is a woman (a history professor at the Sorbonne in Paris), a retired admiral, a scientist and an ex-commando officer—all British. Professionals from various European countries join them in their cause, and together they reach amazing levels of technological sophistication, though having to overcome unforeseen problems—or else the entire project would be jeopardized. David Shomron was born in Istanbul, where his parents had found refuge during the Communist Revolution in Russia, and immigrated with them in 1934 to Israel (then Palestine). The author had invested ten years in the underground movements before the State of Israel was established, and he later served as a high-ranking officer in the Mossad during more than twenty years. Subsequently, he headed for thirteen years a civilian security company as the C.E.O. of Brinks Israel Ltd. In his 90’s, David Shomron is a much sought-after lecturer on the time of the British Mandate. He has published four books—two on his life as an underground operator, and two novels—and continues to write to this day. David has two daughters, nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. He lives near Netanya.

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Kategória: Regény
ISBN: 978-1-941905-06-7
Oldalszám: 494
Méret: 230 x 154 mm
Tömeg: 716g
Kivitel: Puhatáblás
Kiadás ideje: 2016. november 1.



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