Revival and Conviction of Sin

A Quest for God's Working in Times of Spiritual Awakening

Theo Visser

It is the belief of the author that we are simplifying the Gospel too much, at the expense of its vigour, power and strength. In revival times, we are taught that we should go deeper. In past revival, thousands upon thousands met God and experienced deep convictions of sin. This resulted in many sound conversions, where the number of converts who persevered in their faith were much higher than we tend to see in our time. By reading this book one can learn from the great revival preachers of the past, full of the Spirit of God, who sometimes spoke to tens of thousands of people in one service, many of whom surrendered themselves to the Lord and whose lives were radically changed by God. One can listen to George Whitefield, John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney. And one can als listen to Erlo Stegen and see what God is still doing in a very different setting, but in much the same way as in the other revivals, through conviction of sin. The purpose of the book is to change people's lives, both those of preachers and other Christians, by showing them how great God is and how He can be known and served by mortals. The God of Wesley, Whitefield, Edwards, Finney and Stegen is still alive and can still be experienced today!

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