A Novel

Hugo N. Gerstl

In this monumental historical novel of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, Lev Arkady survives the murder of his entire family in the closing days of World War II. Rescued by the ultimate showman and huckster, Old Amos, a character as memorable as Falstaff, Lev survives by becoming the ultimate chameleon. Penny Fullerton lives the good life of a 1950s Los Angeles teenager, experiencing the early death of her parents, sexual awakenings, and young heartbreak. She and Lev meet for one glorious evening in Vienna. They will not see each other again for twenty-seven years. In the interim, Lev befriends Karol Wotyla, who will eventually succeed to the Papal throne. He succeeds as an international showman. When his life is endangered due to his involvement with anti-communist forces, he is catapulted to England, where he becomes an "American" star of 1960s pirate radio. Later, he participates at the dawn of revolutions that will topple Communism. Meanwhile, Penny achieves unexpected success, rising to the top of a small startup company—FedEx. When they finally meet again, Penny is a widow. Lev has never married. The magic between them ignites anew. They share a dramatic, life-threatening adventure in the Caucasus and ultimately, a highly satisfying climax when they realize that the meaning of life is getting over fear and making the world a better place for having lived in it. This is Hugo Gerstl, author of eight Dekel novels, at his very best. Arcade is guaranteed to cement and increase his worldwide reputation!

A könyv ára: 5000.-

Kategória: Regény
ISBN: 978-1-888820-94-2
Oldalszám: 432
Méret: 228 x 151 mm
Tömeg: 628g
Kivitel: Puhatáblás
Kiadás ideje: 2015. szeptember 21.



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