Fearless Parenting Makes Confident Kids

Shulamit Blank, Orly Fuchs-Shabtai

Fearless Parenting Makes Confident Kids is a user-friendly guide to parental authority in modern times and its pivotal role in raising self-reliant, compassionate, and ethical children, and preventing behavioral and even severe psychiatric disorders. The main theme and objective of this book is to prove that setting and enforcing reasonable and appropriate boundaries, combined with learning and education, could save parents’ relationships with their kids and literally save children’s lives. The book is unique in that it presents in a direct, simple, and yet profound way, real case studies and situations commonly encountered, along with severe cases of drug abuse, delinquencies, and mental disturbances. All cases are shown to respond very well to authority and boundaries adjusted to the specific situation and behavior. The book contains numerous references to professional material for the more advanced reader and derives inspiration from ancient philosophers and religious thinkers. Shulamit Blank, M.D, is a pediatrician as well as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. She is the founder and, since 1993, CEO of a community based educational and treatment facility in Israel for children and adolescents with severe psychiatric and behavioral disorders, in which she successfully implements her methods, prevents psychiatric hospitalization and incarceration, and minimizes the use of psychiatric drugs through teaching and education adjusted to the child’s specific problems. Orly Fuchs-Shabtai is a clinical psychologist. In 2006 she established a national program for the prevention of child violence. The program, conducted by thirty-five counselors from the therapeutic field, provides counseling to hundreds of families and teachers each year. The authors strive to follow the ancient wisdom of the biblical aphorism: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

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